For users already registerd on the DET portal:

Log on to the DET portal

If you haven't done so recently (since last year), you'll need to reset your password...

Select the 'My Profile' tab and click on the 'Change My DET User ID Password' link:

Once you've reset your password you should see links to two email accounts on your 'MyPortal' home page:
The first address is for students to contact you (a 500MB limit!), the second is your regular email (err, still just 100MB).

Students will be receiving email accounts from December 12th (for re-enrolling students). Of course, this means we're going to get a swag of students who have forgotten their passwords by February. You can re-set their passwords via the portal...

Select the 'My Applications' tab and click on the 'Account Administration' link

Now, a typical student will have forgotten their user names too, so you'll probably be hitting the search button. To locate your wayward student select 'Student' from the 'User Type' combo box, enter their last name and search...

Click on your target student in the search results, and select the 'Password Reset' tab then follow your nose...

I just love the fact that K-6 students can have a 1 character password. I wonder if they've got to set up a secret question and answer in case they forget it? A collection of Kindy 'secret questions' would make a great book :-)

And that's it until the 5th March 2007, when the whole thing goes online and we have all our web traffic routed through a humungous proxy server located in a top secret location (Redfern).

''late breaking news''
it seems DEST won't update internet explorer from version 6 to 7 on any of their machines (eg schools and TAFE) because the new version won't work with the all singing DET portal lol